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Our Mission: To reduce the impact of cyber breaches by providing enhanced cybersecurity solutions to small and midsize businesses.

Ilya Rubinshteyn, CISM, CISSP, CISA, CDPSE

President and Chief Compliance Officer

With over 20 years of experience Ilya is a recognized expert in information security and compliance. He started Aegis IT Solutions having realized the growing struggle for businesses to keep up with the complex IT security and regulatory compliance. Using proven methods for establishing secure and compliant business processes Ilya ensures that his team delivers business centric solutions and enterprise level IT security to every client.

Oleg Margulis, B.S., NACM

Director of Operations

Operations and Supply Chain Management expert. He has worked with Toys’R’Us and L’OREAL, where his focus was Staff Planning & Cost and Operational Management of US Based Distribution Center networks. Oleg takes a data-driven approach to gain insight to the true drivers of an operation. An enthusiastic and empowering leader that can ensure an on-target service delivery and superior customer service experience.

Our Story

Aegis IT Solutions -  a company specializing in cybersecurity and compliance services ,was founded by Ilya Rubinshteyn in 2010. It was a natural progression from over a decade of experience in various IT leadership roles, and being at the forefront of the IT security sector that was just taking shape. Ilya’s innate ability to challenge the status quo, see developing trends and resulting vulnerabilities, as well as his natural talent with all things technology related harmoniously came together in the form of Aegis IT Solutions.     

The first decade of the 21st century showcased just how disjointed and shortsighted IT organizations can be.  As the infancy of the internet age and the .com boom was quickly followed by the frantic race to minimize Y2K disruption, an explosion of online content, and the start of transition to mobile platforms, it became apparent how much volatility there was in the digital presence of every business.  Yet, company executive IT policy and strategic development decisions were often shaped by short term returns, company politics, and individual career aspirations, creating an IT landscape that was wrought with ticking time bombs for their successors to diffuse.       

This perspective has lead Ilya to the realization that there was an acute need for a service that would provide companies with tried and true security and compliance solutions based on objective and structured criteria, all at a cost-effective and transparent rate.  The competitive advantage of letting subject matter experts deal with each component of increasingly complex IT departments had its own benefits, as it was often more productive and cost effective to outsource these functions.    

Aegis (Greek for Shield) IT Solutions was founded to do just that!      

Aegis technicians combine using the latest system administration and management tools with personalized and friendly service.  Clients know their Aegis technicians by name, and can call on them any time of day, no matter the issue.  Aegis Sales leads bring the latest industry insights and recommendations to their clients, providing the needed clarity in navigating the often complex and confusing State and Federal compliance and security regulations.   Aegis technical experts work closely with clients to design and implement needed systems or policies, enabling the business to focus on what it does best while minimizing exposure and risk.        

The compound effect of Aegis IT Solutions services provides a dependable shield for business of all sizes, protecting them from everchanging cybersecurity risks, while keeping them compliant with State and Federal regulations.

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Client voices

"As a medical data company, compliance and data security are extremely important to our organization. The team at Aegis IT Solutions was instrumental in ensuring that our clients’ data is properly safeguarded while providing strategic advice and helping us navigate through complicated compliance challenges associated with an international enterprise providing and managing access to personal confidential data."

Yelena Kadeykina, MBA, CMO, eRequest, Inc.

"We do data analytics for many large corporate clients, both in the cloud and on premises. Security was a sore topic for us until we retained services of Aegis IT Solutions. Ilya was very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. With his help and leadership, we improved our processes, properly planning for security-related activities and professionally communicating with clients for the best mutually acceptable security approach."

Eugene Shilmayster, VP, Solution Delivery

"Client service is the ethos of Aegis IT Solutions. Ilya and his team never fail to provide the most up-to-date insight on technology and system upgrades. They always take time to meet our law firm’s never ending IT needs. We considered Aegis IT Solutions as one of the most essential assets to the function of our busy practice. I am grateful for having formed this lasting relationship."

Massey K. Mayo, Esq., DOLAN LAW, LLC.

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